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Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, CCE

Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Villanova University, Villanova School of Business

Elliot Sloane's Curriculum Vitae                      

Selected Refereed Papers, Presentations, and Research Interests for Elliot Sloane

PAHO - ECC 2008 Conference

Villanova Course Materials

  >>   Students, you will find useful CAREER links at the bottom of THIS page.  <<

1. Spring 2009 Villanova MBA 8555 - Introduction to e-Business

2. Spring 2009 Villanova MIS 1006- Introduction to MIS

3. Fall 2008 Villanova MIS 2030- Database Management (undergraduate course for MIS majors/minors)




4. Villanova MIS 3090 - Spring 2009 Special Topics: Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS - undergraduate MIS elective)

(Undergraduate 3090 general class flyerSpecific 3090 flyer for nursing students;   Here a representative preliminary syllabus.)

5. Villanova MBA 8559 - Spring 2009 Special Topics Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS - GRADUATE elective)

(Graduate 8559 general class flyer;     Specific 8559 flyer for graduate nursing students;      Here is the preliminary syllabus .)

6.  Villanova MBA8555 -Spring 2009  eBusiness  (Syllabus)


(prior semester courses:)

Villanova MIS 2030- Database Management (undergraduate class)

Villanova MBA8552 - Database Management

Villanova MBA8555 - eBusiness

Villanova MBA 8559 - Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS)

Villanova MBA 8559 - Telecommunications



                                                          My picture is above, so you can find Elliot Sloane in the crowd!


Useful Professional Links

These are some of the organizations where I participate because I have found that their work, and their members, make a difference!

American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE)

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) (Local Chapter, Montgomery County)

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA (BFTP-PA)

Carelift International - International Medical Humanitarian Aid

Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)

Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) (Local Chapter - Delaware Valley)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine Society (IEEE-EMBS)


Free software resources:

Free AVG Antivirus Software (Note, too, that they offer a large library of free virus removal tools, in case your PC is already infected.)

For my students, this may give you inspiration. Each and every one of us CAN and DO and WILL make a difference!

Click Here to read a Tribute to Professor Robert (Bob) Morris, my friend, a mentor to many, and a kind, tireless, and brilliant teacher and humanitarian.  He made inspired us, made us laugh, gave us pause to reflect, and he helped people and hospitals around the world to his last breath...

Bob Morris' Dad was a migrant farmer, and Bob lived in 20 cities before he even reached High School!  As you will read in the above Tribute, Bob didn't even have indoor plumbing until he went into the ARMY!!  Bob was physicist who became a talented Clinical Engineer by natural curiosity and lots of hard work.

More for my students: I will be adding useful, interesting, and novel CAREER LINKS and TIPS here to help you begin -- and expand -- your career horizons!  THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, and look for jobs where few others are looking! (Also, please send me your favorite links so I can add more, too!)

eWeek's Career Information Center A specialized IT-focused subset of Monster.com, which may be easier to use!

The Chronicle of Higher Education Often has interesting new staff jobs at colleges and universities.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Often has interesting new staff jobs in the Not For Profit industry.

JobCircle.com Allows searching by Zip Code proximity. Shows recruiting firms AND individual companies.

Career Journal  For my graduate students, or undergrads who already have some job experience, this site is part of the Wall Street Journal.  You have a free electronic subscription, and can use this site to find executive, management, and professional jobs.  (Yes, they even show President, CEO, CIO, and CFO level jobs!)


Salary Survey Page - Here is an ongoing selection of salary information to help students learn about MIS careers


Click HERE to get the application to join Villanova's AITP Student Chapter.


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Special interests: MIS information systems MIS medical decision support MIS expert systems MIS medical decision support systems

clinical engineer clinical engineering clinical engineer clinical engineering clinical engineer clinical engineering

patient safety medical errors patient errors medical safety patient safety medical errors patient safety medical errors